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السلام عليكم 
الجهاز كان نظامه 6.0.1
عليه قفل FRP
حاولت بال Z3X
بدون فائدة
ولم اجد ملف ال COMBINATION للموديل J500H في سبورت البوكسين اعلاه
وجدت في البحث
ملف الكومبنيشن
الاصدار 5.1.1 وفلشته عن طريق الدنجل بدون اية مشاكل
ثم عمل ازالة لل FRP من واجهة الدنجل

Scanning devices ... 1 found
Manufactory: SAMSUNG
Detect 1 USB devices not install driver
Download: Press Vol Dn + Home + Power

UART Cable Resistor: 523 K
1. Type *#0808# and set USB to AP.
2. Set "USB Settings" to "DM+MODEM+ADB".
3. Click "OK".
Cables: MicroUSB
Interface: Auto, Change UART when request

Read Info/Flashing/UserLock/Backup:
Cables: MicroUSB
Interface: Auto

Load PDA "C:\Users\Kefah\Downloads\COMBINATION_OXE_FA51_J50 0HXXU1AOF8.bsp" ok

Scanning devices ... 1 found
Manufactory: SAMSUNG
Detect 1 USB devices not install driver

load pit from files ...
Connect to device ...
Device pit saved to D:\BST\backup\samsung\pit\SM-J500H\SM-J500H_2016-09-24_09.05.52.pit
re-partition ...
Write file aboot.mbn ...
Write file boot.img ...
Write file cache.img.ext4 ...
Write file hyp.mbn ...
Write file modem.bin ...
Write file non-hlos.bin ...
Write file persdata.img.ext4 ...
Write file persist.img.ext4 ...
Write file recovery.img ...
Write file rpm.mbn ...
Write file sbl1.mbn ...
Write file sec.dat ...
Write file system.img.ext4 ...
Write file tz.mbn ...
Flash completed
Time used : 1 min 36 s

you need scan device first

Scanning devices ... 1 found
Mode: Need Read Info
Detect 2 USB devices not install driver
Reboot device to DOWNLOAD mode ...
Wait device ready ...
Unlocking device ... ok

Download - Telecharge - التحميل
Password :

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